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Physis and Nomos: Power, Justice and the Agonistical Ideal of Life in High Classicism



Robert Wallace

“Listening to” the Nomoi in Democratic Athens.

Edward Cohen

Wealthy Slaves and Dominant Prostitutes:  a Study of Juridical, Sexual and Economic Power at Athens.

Carl Joachim Classen

Aretē and Aretai in Thucydides’ Histories.

Mark Munn

From Science to Sophistry: The Path of the Sun, the Shape of the World, and the Place of Athens in the Cosmos.

Harold Tarrant

Agonistic Contexts for Appeals to Nomos and Physis:  Are “Rites of Passage” Significant?

Apostolos Pierris

The Order of Existence: physis, moira, anankē, thesmos, nomos, nous, psēphisma, boulē.

Ian Mueller

Physis Anthrōpeia.

Gerard Pendrick

Naturrecht: Normative Conceptions of Nature in Preplatonic Ethics?

Aryeh Kosman

Nature’s Law and Second Nature: Philosophers at Work on the Physis – Nomos Distinction.

Thomas Buchheim

Nomos on Physis.

Joerg Hardy

Kallikles and Socrates on Justice, Power and Moral Motivation in Plato’s Gorgias.

Roslyn Weiss

Why Isn’t Antiphon in the Gorgias?

Michael Gagarin

Nomos and Physis in Antiphon

Michel Narcy

Three Versions of Nomos – Physis Antithesis: Protagoras, Antiphon, Socrates