Apostolos Pierris

The Institute for Philosophical Research is an independent, non-profit, non-governmental organization.


Director: Apostolos Pierris
Address: 42, Kolokotroni str
Tel: +30 2610 241058
Fax: +30 2610 271269
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The Institute is dedicated to:
  • reinventing philosophy as the master discipline, out of its demise in the 20th century as a result of its various malformations through conceptualism, linguistics, economism, existentialism, ideologism and scientifism
  • cultivating a renewed and integrated, thoroughly philosophical in-depth study and understanding of reality, cosmic, human and historical
  • using such unified philosophical understanding to project from the discovered and known to the hidden and unknown, and to predict the future from the past in the present
  • devising appropriate strategies of successful action for any given situation, on the basis of the explanatory and predictive power of philosophical knowledge

The foundational aims of the Ιnstitute are:
  • advanced scholarly research in the field of classical studies, esp. ancient philosophy
  • identification of a valid conceptual and valuational framework, capable of effectively formulating problems and solutions of different phases of human civilization ( the Way of Logos as universal and diachronic key to reality)
  • analytical and synthetic study of various cultural phenomena in terms of classical Logos
  • close examination of the enhanced relevance of classical Logos in contemporary situations – demonstration of its permanent pragmatic value

Most of what we do falls in the following categories:
  • the Institute designs, undertakes and implements major research projects on vital issues belonging to its area of competence
  • it organizes in an innovative way high-level, specialized, scholarly international symposia, particularly in the field of ancient philosophy
  • it publishes volumes with the results of its ongoing research activities, as well as volumes of proceedings from its conferences
  • it holds regular cycles of seminars in Patras on subjects of historico-philosophical interest, with emphasis on the philosophical comprehension of history, particularly of present world – developments
  • it issues occasional or sequential papers on questions of immediate significance for the history-in-the-making of our time
  • it forcefully participates as an independent evaluator in the criticism of actual decision-making, in Greece and abroad, while it simultaneously formulates and proposes strategies of power-building with particular application to states